Was Knights of the Old Republic the Best Star Wars RPG?

It’s quite hard to believe that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is already 16 years old. The game was originally released for the Xbox way back in 2003, when it blew players away with its rich exploration of the Star Wars universe.

The game had it all: amazing characters, imaginative locations, lots of lore, great combat, and an intriguing game world that just begged to be explored. But are we just looking back with rose tinted glasses? Here’s a closer look at whether or not Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was the best Star Wars RPG yet.

Critical Acclaim

If you feel your pulse race at the thought of playing KOTOR again, you’re not alone. The game is widely considered by many industry insiders to be one of the greatest games ever made thanks to its amazing characters and story.

The game currently has an amazing 93% score on Metacritic, but this game goes beyond mere numbers. Many people who played the Sugarhouse promo code and love the Star Wars universe have an emotional connection to their experiences with the game that run far deeper than numbers can quantify.

The Nostalgia Factor

In fact, the game’s enduring appeal is one of the reasons that it’s considered to be one of the greatest games of all time. Think of all the games that you’ve played over the course of your life – how many of them leap out at you and beg to be reexperienced?

KOTOR stands out as a classic because of that very quality. It reaches forward over many years, its appeal propelled by feelings of nostalgia and quality. Of course, the game looks a little dated now and its mechanics leave something to be desired… But is this enough to stop you from replaying?

An Unforgettable Story

The game had amazing mechanics at the time, but it’s the story that really stood out for many people. The saga took place 4,000 years before the first Star Wars film took place, a dark time when thousands of Jedi and Sith battled for control of the Galaxy.

The characters were unforgettable and the narrative was a true masterpiece – one of the deepest explorations of the Star Wars universe that has ever been offered.

The game’s twist (which we won’t go into here on the off chance that you haven’t played it yet) is truly unforgettable and for many people, it ranks among the finest moments in gaming. If you haven’t experienced it yet, it’s worth trying to give it a play.

Inspiring Future Works?

Another sign that KOTOR is a classic is its enduring appeal and influence. Elements from its sprawling story have already appeared in a variety of other Star Wars related material, and there are rumors that a movie is being written set in that exact time period within the Star Wars universe.

Many people will be ecstatic to see this story revisited, and we believe that is a real sign of a masterpiece – and a reason KOTOR is perhaps the greatest Star Wars RPG of all time.